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Green Clean. Advanced Methods and Techniques

Find out our methods and security measures we use to ensure quality and peace of mind. There’s more to green cleaning than just using earth friendly chemicals! Green Cleaning Services from Green Clean Colorado adheres to the Reduce, Re-use and Recycle business practices. Our cleaning system improves indoor air quality; protects the health and safety of our clients as well as their children, pets and our cleaning techs; reduces the amount of cleaning waste in the landfill; minimizes water usage and waste; and does it in a sustainable manner minimizing environmental impact.

About our Cleaning

Our services has delivered best-​in-​class office cleaning services to cus­tomers in a wide variety of markets, including corporate/commercial, plant services/manufacturing, education, retail, government, fi­nan­cial institutions construction and public venues. Call us today for a free quote!​

Screens all its cleaning crews with rigorous background checks. Keep your office clean, pristine, and free of germs with the handy help of Quality.

Your staff should not be expected to know how to clean other than spot cleaning. Leave the daily, weekly or monthly cleaning tasks to the experts in kitchen and restaurant cleaning

Ready to tackle any cleaning challenge, Quality+ of Salt Lake has a professional and dedicated staff that work hard to deliver the best cleaning results. If you manage a retail store or a large facility, we are prepared to provide the best services.

Fitness Centers
Maintaining high standards in personal fitness requires a level of personal commitment. Without goals, and a plan for achieving them, the right results are hard to realize. It's the same with janitorial services. To operate a clean and well maintained facility takes planning, and Quality has a plan we'd like to share

The banking world is competitive and fast-paced, and customers often struggle to see any real benefits of one bank over another. At Quality we understand this environment and how the little things like a professionally maintained banking facility are always important. Here are just some of the ways Quality services its banking clients.

There are plenty of building materials used throughout the construction process such as screws, nails, sheetrock, scrap, and plumbing parts that may be scattered about after the job is finished. Construction jobs also create a lot of dirt and dust that can circulate in the air, leading to allergies or problems with the home’s ventilation system.

We understand that places of worship are very special environments with their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance requirements. That is why Quality and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the churches we maintain.